Pico NEO 3 Pro

Millimeter-accurate tracking with ultra low lag! A new generation of unique 6DoF optical precision positioning technology.

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Integrated eye tracking ensures the headset knows where your eyes are pointing during your VR experience. This offers new possibilities for interaction in virtual reality. By looking at specific things, predefined actions can be triggered. Eye tracking can provide data about what the user saw during an experience. This can give us important insights into the effectiveness of their particular VR experience, for example. The Neo 3 Pro Eye features a 4K display of 3664×1920 pixels and Foveated Rendering with a 90 Hz refresh rate. The Snapdragon XR-2 processor then concentrates the graphics load on this area for improved clarity and quality. Foveated rendering also reduces the overall graphics load on the device. The display’s high resolution and high refresh rate make your content look smooth, realistic, and lifelike. The Pico Neo 3 Pro Eye’s operating system is Android-based. This allows you to configure many settings according to your own preferences. These include, for example, adjusting automatic sleep modes and limiting end-user options.


●  Brand: Pico
●  Weight: 395g (Headset without strap), total weight 673g
●  Dimensions: 190(length)x135(width)x112(heieght)mm
●  Controls: 2x 6DoF controllers with optical positioning & linear resonance actuators
●  Screen: 5.5 inch x 1 SFR TFT
●  FOV : 98, Fresnel
●  Resolution: 3665×1920, PPI- 773

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