Occipital bridge

Easily immerse yourself into the mixed reality with this iPhone powered headset. Superb performance with our iPhone X.

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The Occipital Bridge is a mixed reality headset for the iPhone. This headset requires the user’s iPhone (6S or newer) and a handheld 3D scanning device, the Occipital Structure Sensor. One of the most interesting features of this VR headset is the ability to switch between augmented and virtual reality. Other notable features are: 6DoF (degrees of freedom) – for a more immersive experience. Inside-out tracking: The headset can track the user’s location and provide room measurements without the need for an external camera.


●  Brand: Occipital
●  Resolution: 640 × 480 px (per eye)
●  Refresh rate: 60 Hz
●  Field of view (FOV): 120°
●  VR/AR Experience: Room scale , 360° tracking, Positional tracking, Built-in front camera, Eye tracking, Hand tracking

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